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Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM builds on over 20 years of development and success, providing you with utmost flexibility and convenience to access critical customer information and business intelligence on your desktop, through the web or on the mobile smartphone. It takes sales, marketing, customer service & support to the next level, with enhancements having significant impact across all business areas within an organization – one all-inclusive license that delivers a robust CRM solution when, where and how you need it. Learn More >>

Spire Business Management Software

spire-logoGain a competitive advantage. Start using Spire to grow your business faster and more efficiently. To drive your business to success, you need to overcome challenges that prevent growth. Spire, a fully integrated accounting and inventory management software, is designed to streamline processes, provide better insight and enable you to take control of your business so that you can grow confidently. Manage your business with one solution that helps you reduce costs, meet customer demand and improve profitability. Learn More >>

Sage BusinessVision Accounting

sage-partner-logoEnhance productivity with Sage BusinessVision Accounting, a fully customizable business management and accounting system. The system is designed to be a scalable solution for small and medium-sized organizations.  Learn More >>

Expert service

As a Maximizer Software Certified Solutions Provider, Cencomp ensures a successful CRM implementation for your business, including:

  • Tailoring your Maximizer Software solution to match your specific business requirements.
  • Determining and configuring your security protocols.
  • Minimizing downtime and maximizing immediate benefit.
  • Integrating the software with other applications in your existing systems.
  • Training your staff in all aspects of the system.


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