Core Accounting

Sage BusinessVision Core Accounting Module


Accounts Receivable Software, Accounts Payable Software, General Ledger SoftwarePowerful, flexible and able to grow with your business, the Sage BusinessVision Core Accounting module is the cornerstone of the Sage BusinessVision system. The Core Accounting module houses theAccounts Receivable software, Accounts Payable software, and General Ledger software modules, allowing you to retrieve data when you need it – in real time .

Accounts Receivable Software

Your business needs to have a clear picture of its receivables and the versatility of being able to track every customer account, whether open or closed, and provide graphs and charts of your receivables aging, so you know where you stand. The Accounts Receivable software module can help you:

  • Apply payments to open items by flagging and linking, or link open items together.
  • Take any sort of payment a customer offers, be it credit cards, cash, or checks. Credit card transactions can be integrated to popular credit card processors and have payments authorized and processed automatically.
  • Keep Accounts Receivable information on file indefinitely, with the Accounts Receivable software, giving you instant access to General Ledger transactions or original invoices.

Accounts Payable Software

Staying on top of your Accounts receivable is more than just logging invoices and writing checks. The Sage BusinessVision Accounts Payable software module tracks and manages your company's expenditures, which not only saves you time and money, but gives you peace of mind. Analyzing and managing your cash flow has never been easier with the wide range of reports the Accounts Payable software module provides. The Accounts payable software module can help you:

  • View vendor contact information all the way down to individual purchase order – on one screen.
  • Retain third party payment information such as remit-to.
  • Quickly change expense accounts, bank accounts, and terms as needed.
  • Cut cheques in three different ways: batch payments, manual checks, or instant checks.

General Ledger Software

How about being able to produce up to the minute financial statements when you need them, instead of waiting for months end? The Sage BusinessVision General Ledger, the heart of the Sage BusinessVision system, can do it. Post transactions to last year or next year's books? No problem. The Inquiry function built into the General Ledger also offers various levels of detail, including:

  • A macro view of all General Ledger accounts and balances.
  • Monthly closing balances and net change for each account.
  • Each individual transaction in the General Ledger, starting from whichever period you want.
  • The ability to view journal entries, invoices, or purchase orders onscreen.

Additionally, the General Ledger can be segmented so that different company divisions can record transactions within their own separate Chart of Accounts. The General Ledger module is even adaptable to multiple departments, being able to create account numbers up to 24 characters long and with four segments, handling even the largest of operations. There's even an optional component - Sage BusinessVision Multiple Currency Manager - that allows you to track, revalue, and report on different currencies simultaneously.

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