Sage BusinessVision Inventory Control Software Modules

Inventory Control Software, Order Entry, Purchase Order SoftwareKnowing where your business stands on stock levels – how much you have on hand and how much you've used – is crucial to running a profitable business. The Sage BusinessVision Inventory Control Software Modules keep track of all your inventory levels while automating the process to keep you running smoother.

Inventory Control Software

The Sage BusinessVision Inventory module is the very definition of flexibility: it can handle multiple warehouses, units of measure and price lists. Want to give out promotional pricing or quantity breaks? No problem. The Inventory Control Softwaremodule can also cost using three different methods – average cost, FIFO, and LIFO (LIFO is not available in the Canadian version), and can accommodate an unlimited number of serial numbers and SKUs – even accepting images that can be tied to inventory for super fast recognition. You'll always know what you've got in stock and where to locate it, and you can track backordered items and stock commitment levels on the fly and onscreen through numerous reports. Built directly into the module are reorder and backorder functions, as well as margin calculations.

You can even integrate the Inventory Module with Bill of Material, giving you a powerful combination that tracks regular parts, raw materials, kits, and manufactured parts. If you deal with serialized items, they can be tracked from the moment of receipt through to invoicing, and you can even monitor them after the sale. Keep abreast of Receiving via the rapid data entry of location, quantity, cost price and selling price whenever new shipments are received.

Order Entry

Unlimited orders, quotations, layaways, and repeat orders and the ability to backorder items automatically or manually are just some of the features contained in the Sage BusinessVision Order Entry module. Want to make sure your inventory balances are always accurate? Order Entry draws down both inventory and non stock or service items the second an order is entered, all the while automatically calculating taxes, revenues, costs of goods, receivables and much more, posting directly to the General Ledger.In Order Entry, sales margins and profits are instantly available, and when combined with Sage BusinessVision Bill of Material, all items within a kit or finished goods are automatically drawn down from inventory.

Purchase Order Software

The Sage BusinessVision Purchase Order Software is fully integrated into the Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Vendor modules allowing you to keep track of vendors, cost prices, purchases, payables, and much more. Purchase Order Software can even receive partial basis inventory and calculate freight and landed costs, and gives you the flexibility of printing purchase orders or e-mailing them directly to vendors. When those purchase orders are finally received, they can be instantly sent to Accounts Payable and the General Ledger for an update of all accounts. AutoPost, the automatic posting feature, manages accounting accruals whenever goods are received, and purchase history and individual purchase orders can be retrieved from Purchase Order Software indefinitely, and viewed whenever you need them. Never worry about foreign currencies and how to account for them again with the Purchase Order Software optional Multiple Currency Manager


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