Sage BusinessVision Manufacturing Modules

JobCost Software and Bill of MaterialYour manufacturing business needs to accurately estimate and track project costs to stay competitive. The Sage BusinessVision Manufacturing Module helps you do all of that, plus keep track of all the components and labour required to manufacture a product so you know exactly where you stand.

Job Cost Software

Integrated with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and Payroll, theJob Cost Software Module for Sage BusinessVision is a powerful tool for tying revenue and expenses into projects. The Job Cost Software Module offers a host of reporting and tracking options, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what stage a job is in, anytime. Do you have costs you want to apply directly to a job but don't come from one of the integrated modules? No problem, the Job Cost Software Module can handle it, and can also help you:

  • Instantly retrieve customer or job data, including billing and payments.
  • Compare and track estimates versus actual job cost.
  • Insert manual transactions directly into job cost.
  • Apply receipts or payments to a specific job, as they are being entered.

Bill of Material

Fully integrated with the Order Entry and Inventory Modules, the Bill of Material Module makes setting up BOM recipes easy, as well as tracking customer sales of a given item. Super flexible, the Bill of Material module allows you to set up items as normal, raw, kitted, or finished parts, and you can use any of these within a BOM, which also lets you specify up to nine subassemblies within a single finished item.

As finished items are built, whether they're individual items or kits, BOM updates the components and costs that go into the final manufactured part. As you sell these items, BOM keeps track of finished items in inventory or waits for the final build to be completed before invoicing. Bill of Material helps you:

  • Quickly and easily enter new transactions.
  • Define scrap and yield percentages for components.
  • Roll up current costing to a finished item automatically.
  • Enter up to nine subassemblies that make up a finished part.
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