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Sage BusinessVision Payroll Management Software

payroll management, payroll tax software, payroll softwareMake payroll management a simple and easy process whether you have hourly employees, salaried employees, or a combination of both – Sage BusinessVision Payroll handles it with aplomb. Third party payroll management services are a thing of the past – now you can take control of your payroll and move it in house, allowing you to create custom benefits, deductions, departments, and pay schedules with ease while saving you the time and hassle of dealing with outside companies. Imagine the savings as you process payroll for an unlimited amount of employees and say goodbye to per employee fees for good.

Flexible payment options

Whether you pay your employees with paper cheques or direct deposit, Sage BusinessVision handles them both, or either, depending on how you want. Once direct deposit is configured, you can decide which individual employees need to be paid with cheques and which need direct deposit, and Sage BusinessVision Payroll will then print cheques for those you want to be paid as such, and pay stubs for the direct deposit employees.

Withholding made simple

Tracking and paying individual deductions and non-statutory liabilities is simple with Sage BusinessVision payroll – associate each deduction or non-statutory deduction with a dedicated payroll liability account, and Sage BusinessVision will withhold and post the required withholdings to these accounts every time you run payroll. Remit these holdings simply by making payments to the appropriate vendor, authority, or agency.

Up to date tax information with Payroll Tax Software

Withholding the correct amount of tax is crucial to your business payroll, treating your employees right, and staying in compliance. With Sage Payroll Update Plans, you can ensure that your tax withholding and forms are always up to date and in compliance with current tax legislation. Use Payroll Tax Software to maximize your businesess ability to provide the tax information your employees need.

Save time and get more functionality

Sage BusinessVision makes Payroll Managment fast and easy! Besides generating individual paychecks, Sage BusinessVision Payroll Software allows you to batch pay all of your employees in a single step. Lost pay checks are no longer the hassle they used to be – simply reverse a previous cheque and print a new one. Forms and reports are a cinch, as well – print your annual T4 forms for employee earnings and source deductions to the Canada Revenue Agency or Records of Employment for terminated employees that need to report to Service Canada – or submit your T4 forms electronically if you wish. Sage BusinessVision Payroll also has the ability to print a host of payroll related reports such as employee address labels, Cheque register, earnings and deductions, employee advances receivable, vacation owed, and pay journal and receiver general reports.

Keep track of employee details – with added security

Address details, employment data, credit amounts, exemption amounts, deduction amounts and personal payroll data are at your fingertips wit Sage BusinessVision. You can manage all this sensitive data while keeping it all as private as you want it to be. Sage BusinessVision is loaded with powerful security features that restrict or permit specific users from all or any aspects of payroll, such as changing payroll settings, running payroll, voiding payroll cheques, or viewing earnings, benefits, deductions, or timecards.

Added benefits and features:

  • Supports hourly or salaried employees, or both simultaneously.
  • Tailored to the way you pay your employees with eight different pay frequencies.
  • Tracks up to ten user defined employee deductions in addition to statutory deductions.
  • Up to 99 different departments are supported.
  • Use batch payroll for all salaried employees, or choose which departments or pay frequencies to limit batch payroll to.
  • Tracks and manages RSP, CPP, EI, and WCB rates and automatically calculates individual employee deductions.
  • Reverse payroll checks on the fly or issue supplementary time cards to correct payroll cheques.
  • Prints T4 forms or generates electronic T4 files for transmission.
  • Allows you to configure your direct deposit settings to match your financial institution.

Note: Sage BusinessVision Payroll currently only provides payroll services for Canadian based companies only.


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